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Concrete Crushing Based On The High

Abstract highvoltage pulse discharge hvpd technology has a broad prospect in concrete crushing the model of concrete beam sections is established by ansyslsdyna finite element software the shock wave caused by the electrohydraulic effect of hvpd with 50 kj energy is equivalent to an explosive blast shock

Electrohydraulic Breaking And Crushing Method For Solid

Electrohydraulic method of destruction and crushing hard materials including drilling in the solid boreholes each of which creates a pulse of high voltage electrical discharge in the liquid acting on the body of the shock waves produced are installed in boreholes e is estrogenzawisimy generators of shock waves each of which includes

Impc 2016 Xxviii International Mineral Processing

High voltage electric pulse energy in comminuting – case study on sandvik’s mittersile tungsten ore austria hr manouchehri1 and a weh2 1sandvik mining sandvik srp se233 81 svedala

Ultimately High Voltage Pulse Will Increase Mining

High voltage pulse hvp technology has been left on the backbench for decades in the 1950s russians attempted to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen in the 1970s it was used in a mining context to liberate valuable minerals from ore at a high energy cost said professor

High Voltage Pulse Power Technology Mineral Processing

High voltage pulse fragmentation epd is the most relevant alternative to conventional crushing and grinding techniques and presents a huge potential to reduce energy consumption and develop the new generation of sustainable and economically profitable mineral processing plants high voltage epd machines were large difficult to use

A Novel And Efficient Method For Resources Recycling In

Highvoltage pulse crushing can effectively enrich and recover the silver in the waste photovoltaic panels providing convenience for subsequent sorting discover the worlds research 20 million

Crusher Motor Powered By Umps Drive

I n mining industries and ore beneficiation projects high voltage crusher motors are normally used to crush the lumped ores to sizeable ores for further usability in the event of mains power failure during crushing stage crusher stops its operation and ores remain inside cause jamming preventing the crusher from restart with loaded materials upon resumption of mains

Study On Application Of Ore Crushing Technology By High

In order to study the feasibility of ore crushing technology by highvoltage pulse after the highvoltage pulse test for hematite ore and relevant data being studied the crushing mechanism of highvoltage pulse was understood and verified data analysis showed the energy consumption of highvoltage pulse was very high during crushing process and the ratio of investment to cost was low which did

Preferential Sequence Crushing Of Copper Ore Based Upon

Jan 15 2019 the technology of high voltage pulse used for crushing and dissociation was discovered accidentally in 1971 andres used the high voltage pulse for the first time to perform a comparative dissociation test on apatite andres 2010 in 1980s de beers used the technology to crush minerals and obtained diamond without any damage andres

Pcb Dismantling Machine Metalplastic Recycling Machine

Metal hammer crusher is an universal equipment specially designed for crushing various metal materials including scrap metal circuit board ring pull can copper aluminum radiator and so on it can crush all kinds of waste metal materials into granular

Ness Engineering Inc Home Page

Ness engineering inc is the only pulsed power high voltage consulting firm in the world with these unique capabilities well qualified as a practicing engineer with over 30 years of experience in industrial pulsed power high voltage and power electronics expertise in all phases of development from design concepts to volume production testing logistics field support and third party e

High Voltage Pulse Generation Pulse Power Technology

Selfrag ag is specialised in the development engineering and marketing of high voltage pulse power products plants and systems for selective fragmentation of various

Selfrag Electric Pulse Crushing

Selfrag electric pulse crushing kerzers switzerland 79 likes 4 talking about this 5 were here at selfrag we design develop and sell selective fragmentation systems that use patented

Research And Applications Of High

Taking marx generator as the highvoltage pulse source the prototype can output a voltage of 350 kv and a frequency of 10 hz and achieve an efficiency of 1000 kgh with this device large concrete blocks can be crushed and

Joy 12cm27 Continuous Miner

The 12cm27 is a highvoltage machine 2300v 60hz 3300v 50hz that provides the ability to transmit more power through a given cable size reduced thermal losses in the cutter motors and trailing cables increase the available cutting time almost indefinitely improving your production

Research And Applications Of High

The article describes the pulse power system for electricdischarge blasting of rocks and concrete the main equipment of which is a high current pulse generator with operating voltage up to 15

Ore Particle Breakage Behaviour In A Pilot Scale High

The effects of specific energy pulse voltage cumulative discharges feed particle size and ore particle breakage pattern body breakage or surface breakage were investigated the investigation revealed that the massspecific energy of hvp was the most significant factor

Cdc Mining

The hasard transmitter generated a continuous sinusoidal 73khz electromagnetic field using one or more wire loop or ferrite bar antennas this frequency was selected since it was found that continuous mining machines generated considerable electrical noise up to and sometimes beyond 30

High Voltage Pulse Generation Pulse Power Technology

The lab system is a laboratory scale solution for selective fragmentation the lab uses a selfrag high voltage discharges to fragment batches of material and liberate individual components from the whole whether rock or electronic w the selfrag rod crusher is specifically designed to fragment mono or polycrystalline silicon for the solar and semiconductor industry with virtually zero

Quebecs Ctri Gets Funding To Test Selfrag High Voltage

The pilot project that will test kerzers switzerlandbased selfrag’s high voltage pulse fragmentation technology for the mining sector an investment of c 1150495 will help develop a viable alternative to more energyintensive options for crushing and grinding if successful this process will significantly reduce emissions and lower

Ultimately High Voltage Pulse Will Increase Mining

The team are approaching this challenge with what professor shi calls a ‘disruptive technology’ for the industry – high voltage pulse high voltage pulse hvp technology has been left on the backbench for decades in the 1950s russians attempted to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen in the 1970s it was used in a mining context to liberate valuable minerals from ore at a high energy cost said

The Stripping Effect Of Using High Voltage Electrical

Voltage and pulse experiments were carried out to investigate the crushing effect of high voltage electrical pulse breakage for printed circuit boards it was found that when the voltage and pulse number was at 160 kv and 300 the stripping rate of copper was 9856 and 9258 in the 2513 mm fraction

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